penta underside



The outstanding power-to-weight-ratio delivers increased acceleration and fuel economy. Volvo Penta’s Speed Control automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain constant speed during load changes, like when a skier cuts hard, during hard turns or in shifting swells. It’s all about Easy Boating; the engine makes micro throttle corrections so the operator can concentrate on fun.

On the water you’ll notice exhaust fumes are virtually eliminated, because these are the cleanest marine gas engines on the market today. CO emissions are reduced by 95% at idle, exceeding current EPA, and future EU, emission requirements.

A simple decision
Our next generation lineup relies on today’s proven automotive engine platform. Volvo Penta innovation, proven technology and our industry leading five-year factory protection program make these engines an easy choice.

Simplified service points
Volvo Penta’s next generation gas engines share common parts and common service locations on the engine unit, across the full lineup.

Direct fuel injection
The move from multi-port technology to direct injection means atomized gas enters the combustion chamber at 2250 psi. Compression ratios of up to 11.5:1 create a cleaner burn and fewer emissions. So more energy comes from each drop of fuel.

Variable valve timing
We refused to accept the compromise of a fixed camshaft. Variable valve timing now allows each movement of the intake and exhaust valve to be optimized for speed and load. You’ll have higher torque and acceleration across the full range of RPM’s.

Lightweight aluminum block
Our new lightweight aluminum blocks weigh 41 lbs. less than older cast-iron models. Low-friction, lightweight pistons and a cast aluminum oil pan help us provide up to 15% improvement in the power-to-weight ratio.

Fresh water cooling
It’s no secret, engines with fresh water cooling last longer and run better. Our closed loop cooling system eliminates exposure to saltwater, providing greater engine durability and higher resale value.

Wideband oxygen sensors
Our new wideband oxygen sensors read a greater range of air/fuel values. Now engine performance is optimized regardless of altitude, weather or variable fuel blends.

Teknisk Data

  • Motor: V6-200-C-G
  • Produktionsperiode: 2015-
  • Operation: 4- takt
  • Cylinder konfiguration: V-6
  • Boring (mm): 99,6
  • Takt (mm): 92
  • Kompressionsforhold: 11:1
  • Volumen (Liter): 4,3
  • Effekt (hk): 200